Beckers HS Code Test

POSTED ON: October 11, 2022
By George Featherstone |

About the Author:

George Featherstone is PatientX’s fearless front-end developer, technical SEO consultant, and digital marketer. He’s our creative problem solver that optimizes our clients’ strategical web goals. He can code WordPress themes from scratch, match design comps with CSS, set up JavaScript events, align sites with SEO best practices, run PPC campaigns, and create customer engagement through pop ups and email flows. Basically, he pulls back the curtain and deciphers what can be done to maximize the quality of our clients’ websites. He’s the methodical mastermind behind our team’s web development, and he’s a well-rounded technical marketer. George’s passion for coding and SEO makes him a great member of our team, and his constant search for optimal solutions drives everyone at PatientX to do the same. With over ten years of experience in his field, George has made a successful career as a self-taught man. He taught himself everything he knows with the help of classes offered by Google, SEMrush, Udemy, Hubspot, and, of course, the university of YouTube. George has worked with national and international brands, and some of the brands and projects he has worked on have been featured in Forbes, GQ, and Good Morning America. His experience has seen him manage many responsibilities, from managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPC campaigns, to ranking numerous sites for countless search terms in Google.


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