How To Use Social Media Strategy In A Crisis

PatientX offers a strategy to readers of Becker’s Hospital Review on how to use social media in the event of a medical crisis. Social media is a great way to inform patients especially in a time of crisis. It is important that we learn from cases like the U.S. Ebola virus outbreak to prepare healthcare practitioners and facilities in the event of a medical crisis. Social Media used strategically can provide a much-needed resource for patients. PatientX Medical Marketing Specialists discuss several strategic points to using social media is a crisis, including:

  • How You Should Engage Patients
  • Providing Q&A Sessions With Patients
  • How To Demonstrate A Strategic Plan

Click here to read the full article in Becker’s Hospital Review

Make Patients Your Greatest Brand Ambassadors Cover


Improving patient experience should be your number one goal as a healthcare marketer.  By doing this you can make patients your #1 brand ambassadors.

POSTED ON: July 7, 2016
By Kimberly Winkleman | Marketing
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As the COO of PatientX, Kimberly wears many hats. She’s a delegator, a doer, a cheerleader, and a cracker of whips, but what sets her apart is her achieving, go-getter spirit. Kimberly is heavily involved in nearly every project PatientX undertakes, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. As a proud maximizer, she relishes the daily opportunity to help her team members and clients perform at their highest level. Throughout her sixteen-year career, Kimberly has served as an Executive Director for two non-profits while also running two campaigns in South Dakota, and she has experience in all facets of public relations, marketing, executive management, leadership development, public speaking, and event planning. Her love of people and helping others succeed is apparent in her work at PatientX and throughout her life and career.


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