We’re Hiring a Digital Strategist!

Are you a digital expert ready for a new adventure with a growing team? If yes, then look no further – we’re hiring! Our leadership team is looking to add another digital expert to the mix.

This position would be included on all web and digital projects from start to finish. You would be involved in projects from the proposal process through the implementation of the project under the supervision of our Digital Manager.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is super fun to be around
  • Is super smart and knows their digital stuff
  • Isn’t afraid to work
  • Is willing to work with the management, design and content teams
  • Wants to grow in their leadership skills and technical skills
  • Who has experience with inbound marketing, healthcare marketing, and social media marketing
  • Who knows WordPress programming
  • Who LOVES digital ads, digital strategies, and website development

Want to Know More About Us?

Our vision is to create transformational patient experiences.

Our mission is to lead through outcomes, research and education.

Our Company Values Encompass:

HIT: Heart, Innovation, Transparency

We Even Have a Code of Honor:

  • We do what ever it takes.
  • We desire authentic and honest communication.
  • We leave work at work and home at home.
  • We stay focused.
  • We value others time.
  • We do what we say, say what we do.
  • We put clients first.
  • We act like our clients money is our money.
  • We are willing to call and willing to be called on the code.

And finally, these Belief Statements should sum it all up for you:

  • We believe that we are all patients at some time in our life.
  • We believe in patient satisfaction.
  • We believe in creating data driven solutions.
  • We believe in celebrating wins.
  • We believe first impressions matter.
  • We believe in same day response times.
  • We believe clear expectations drive results.
  • We believe in building healthy communities.
  • We believe it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

If you believe you are the digital expert for us, send us your resume!

POSTED ON: June 27, 2018
By PatientX Agency | Company News

About the Author:

PatientX is a healthcare marketing company that specializes in helping care providers create better patient experiences. While placing an emphasis on the patient experience, PatientX works with members of the healthcare industry to achieve higher standards of patient care and satisfaction, and helping them achieve their goals of growth and success.