The Power of E-mail Campaigns

E-mail campaigns absolutely fascinate us at PatientX. They are a personal way to approach your patients. E-mail campaigns are a way to educate them using your expertise. It demonstrates what makes your practice the best without saying it. E-mail campaigns can be overwhelming and intimidating if you haven’t decided how you want to approach your reader.

E-mail is an extraordinary communication tool. We have a love/hate relationship with our e-mail here at PatientX. There are e-mails we love to see pop up in our inbox, and there are some that annoy us that we have delete day-after-day. We never want one of our clients to be a business that blasts useless information to the universe, only to end up in somebody’s trash. Properly used, an e-mail campaign can bridge the gap between business owner and client/patient.

E-mail is another way to stay engaged with your audience. We are looking to share information that is going to add value to their lives. We see many opportunities for practitioners to connect with their patients outside of the exam room. Many consumers are concerned about the flu bug, seasonal allergies, and healthy lifestyle tips. Serving as an informational resource gives another reason for patients to connect with your practice.



The healthcare industry is quickly changing from traditional to digital so online lead generation is more important that ever before!

Too many times we see e-mail campaigns as a missed opportunity for many practitioners. Doctors have advised the general public is yearning for. As a physician, your knowledge and expertise have value to the general public. Many of the resources currently available are unreliable and skewed. We would challenge doctors and administrators alike to consider how e-mail could impact their patients. Consider what information could be shared to add value to the well-being of patients.

As a medical professional powered with an e-mail campaign, you are able to navigate the message that the public absorbs from your organization. If you are not contributing to that message you have allowed yourself to become a victim of your patient’s opinions.

POSTED ON: July 14, 2016
By Michael Winkleman | Marketing
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About the Author:

Michael is the CEO of PatientX, a fast-growing healthcare marketing and branding firm. PatientX strategically develops digital innovations and strategic ideas to encourage patients to view their healthcare providers with a fresh, forward-thinking perspective, and, thus, to nurture better relationships between patient and provider. In his role as CEO, Michael takes great pleasure in helping healthcare providers and healthcare B2B clients with the unique challenges they face. With over 15 years in his field, Michael is no stranger to the challenges one faces in marketing and branding, and he is able to draw from his deep well of experience to deliver optimal strategies and solutions.


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