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Are social media reviews important in healthcare?

Almost 70% of patients say social reviews are “Moderately Important” to “Absolutely Essential”.

Your Patients Are Ready to See You Now

Position your healthcare business or medical practice in front of patients that need your services now. PatientX can increase your patient numbers with a custom strategy that includes the following approaches.


Marketing Strategy

Position your healthcare business or medical practice in front of patients that need your services now.



Brand is more than a logo. Our team will help you develop a durable, effective brand that can communicate your values to your patients.



From designing your website to handling your ads, our digital team can ensure your online marketing is easy and effective.


Online Reputation

What do your reviews say about you? Reputation management strategies can help your excellence shine through.


Patients will check your reviews – even if they’ve already been referred.

Reviews That Help You Grow

PatientX reputation management strategies have a proven and successful track record. We have helped clients:

  • Increase their total reviews from 2 to 20 almost overnight
  • Gain 450+ reviews in less than a year
  • Increase their average rating

Whether you currently have 1 review or 100, we can help you turn your review page into a thriving, coherent community that advocates for your success.


Elevate Your Marketing With a Fractional CMO

Unlock the growth your healthcare facility deserves!

PatientX Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services are designed for healthcare facilities that aim for growth without the overhead of a full-time executive.

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ADA Compliance Means You Can Serve More Patients Better

Ensuring that your website is ADA compliant can help you protect your healthcare company and better serve your patients. With the PatientX approach, achieving compliance is fast and easy–giving you peace of mind and helping you provide a better patient experience.


Marketing That Improves the Patient Experience

The marketing strategies at PatientX are always guided by the Five Pillars of Patient Experience because we believe that the best marketing is good for your practice and your patients. Discover how the Five Pillars of Patient Experience can lead to long term growth for your practice.

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What Our Client's Have to Say

Jennifer Gustafson, Lakes Regional Healthcare

Jennifer Gustafson, Lakes Regional Healthcare

PatientX’s expertise has been invaluable to our hospital, providing insightful guidance as we navigate our marketing goals. They meticulously review data to ensure our objectives are measurable, creating tailored strategies and initiatives to achieve them effectively. Their proactive approach includes continuous monitoring of our website performance and offering actionable advice for improvement. Moreover, their responsive and friendly team simplifies complex technical concepts, empowering us to make informed decisions. Their specialization in healthcare marketing ensures they stay abreast of industry regulations, enabling us to adapt quickly. PatientX has significantly contributed to our organizational success, and we highly recommend their services.    
Jennifer Gustafson, Vice President of Marketing & Retail Services
Amanda Saeger, Dakota Vascular

Amanda Saeger, Dakota Vascular

In 2022, we knew that Dakota Vascular was ready for growth. We turned to PatientX to handle our marketing needs, including developing and growing our brand identity. They really listened to our goals, our stakeholders, and our patients. PatientX helped us develop our brand, our logo, our brand collateral and they made sure everything was HIPAA compliant along the way. They’ve really been the perfect partner to help Dakota Vascular grow and to help us reach patients.
Amanda Saeger, Chief Financial Officer