What we do

For over a decade, PatientX has been working with healthcare providers and B2B healthcare-related business.

We have completed a full range of rebranding work, conducted an extensive variety of marketing tactics, designed and developed websites, and implemented successful strategies to generate more patients and leads for our clients.





Who We Serve

Our team has spent years honing our skills and mastering the digital marketing strategies that drive growth and build healthcare brands. We work with you to develop a patient-centered strategy for your facility. The result is greater patient engagement, higher patient satisfaction, measurable results, and lower overall costs related to marketing.

Not a healthcare facility? No problem! We also work with B2B Companies focused in the healthcare industry. Because we specialize in healthcare we understand your consumer base and the challenges they face and have the knowledge to reach your potential customers, create qualified leads and grow your business.

Specializing in Procurement, Coding, Food Service, Healthcare Providers, Compliancy, Worker Compensation, Revenue Cycle.

A Patient-Centered Approach to Marketing

The PatientX emphasis on patient experience helps you meet patients where they are — positioning your healthcare organization as a trusted solution and helping your practice, clinic, or healthcare center prosper.

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6 Pillars of Patient Experience

At PatientX, we know that what patients experience — from landing on your website to meeting with a physician — is an essential ingredient to your marketing success. That’s why we focus on 6 key areas when building your custom marketing strategy.

Understanding the Six Pillars of Patient Experience

Whether you're a regional medical services provider or just getting your Ambulatory Surgery Center started, marketing can feel like a nebulous — even intimidating — concept. That's why we break our approach down into six easy to understand and measure pillars, each of which focuses on improving the overall patient experience.

Website Health

We determine whether your website is working for users, patients, and customers. That includes your web portal. 73% of patients would use a secure web portal to check lab data and make appointments. We can help you capture more patients by ensuring your web. experience is wonderful from start to finish.

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Brand Health

Your brand is a lot more than your logo. The brand experts at PatientX can help you make sure your brand is communicating your values and your mission across all channels.

Cultural Health

How happy is your staff? Do they know your brand mission? 65% of customers will choose brands that are committed to treating their employees well. In other words, customers and patients will often choose vendors at least in part due to the cultural health of your brand.

Patient Satisfaction

Does a patient get what they wanted out of their patient experience? In part, this is about meeting patient expectations — but it’s also about managing those expectations.

Social & Online Reputation

A staggering 94% of patients use reviews to evaluate possible healthcare providers. And most patients will encounter your brand first in an online space. That’s why managing your social and online reputation is absolutely vital.

Referral Network

Patients aren’t always going to differentiate beetween your clinic and the clinic that referred them to you. To most patients, your referral network is essentially one big business.

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Are you looking for a place to grow in healthcare marketing – to challenge your mindset, enhance your skillsets, improve patient experience, and have fun doing it?

At PatientX, we encompass the values of heart, innovation, and transparency – we do this by challenging the norm, getting better every day, supporting our clients in their efforts to enhance the patient experience, and having FUN while the work gets done! Interested in learning more?

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