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With more than 15 years of experience in the digital marketing space, PatientX can help your practice or healthcare facility thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.


of people have used the internet for health-related searches in the last year.

Improve The Patient Experience

The goal of most digital and web-based campaigns is tantalizingly simple: to help potential new patients find your practice, clinic, or organization. The PatientX approach can help you meet patients where they are, expand your reach, and improve the patient experience. To do this, PatientX will drive traffic to your website, improve the design and user experience of your web presence, and develop a responsive platform that’s customized to your needs and goals.

By crafting and executing a clear digital strategy that drives qualified leads to your website, the PatientX approach will help you stand out in a crowded environment.

Everything That Has to Do With Your Website —in One Spot

Whether you’re a small practice looking to get a fresh start or an established healthcare system seeking to increase your reach, entering into the digital ecosystem can seem incredibly overwhelming. These days, patients expect more than a simple website: they expect an experience, and that experience reflects on your healthcare brand.

Patients Will Often Expect:

  • Detailed information on the procedures you perform or treatments that are available through your facility.
  • A patient portal, where they can see billing information. Some patients even expect medical information in the patient portal.
  • HIPAA compliance throughout the process. Patients rightly expect their privacy to be protected on your website just as their privacy would be protected in your office.
  • The ability to easily reach out. Patients expect to have an easy way to contact your offices, especially from your website!
  • Accessibility and reliability. Your patients will have various levels of abilities–and they will all expect to use your website seamlessly.

Meeting and exceeding those expectations is what drives the PatientX approach to website services. We use the WordPress platform to leverage the latest technologies — making your website fast to load, easy to navigate, and available to everyone. Your goals are in the driver’s seat–but our team does all the work!

Make your website a lead magnet


of patients used a patient portal in 2020–a 13% increase from 2014

Our Website Expertise Includes:

PatientX offers a variety of services designed to help your website exceed your expectations.

Responsive Design

We craft websites that are beautiful on a mobile device or desktop computer–and everything in between.

Content Writing

We work with you to create high quality content that bolsters your authority as an expert in the eyes of patientx.

integrated SEO

All of your website functions, design, and content will be optimized to help you rank higher in organic search engine results.

easy to update content

Updating your website shouldn’t be a chore or need an expert! All of our websites are created so your team can update content easily.

results & ROI Oriented

Every website we build is designed to help you generate and capture more leads–and welcome more patients to your business.

Holistic approach

Every service offered is part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. From print to web to outreach or inbound–it all works together.

brand strength

Your brand is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. We work with you to make sure your brand and your values align.

patient experience

We understand that the patient is at the center of all healthcare marketing, so we work with you to improve the patient experience from start to finish.

ADA Compliance

To be ADA compliant, your website must meet certain accessibility standards, and failure to do so could open you up to potential legal action.

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How Is Your Site Performing?

In today’s crowded and competitive healthcare marketplace, your website is a critical marketing asset — and a key to your success. The website services from PatientX take a holistic approach to your web marketing — and we make sure that your website is working for you in a multitude of ways.

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