Local SEO

Most search engines filter their results into two broad categories: local and universal. The local search results are usually those you see in the pack-of-three (called local packs). Positioned above most universal results and next to a handy map, these local packs are highly coveted.

Achieving success in local search results takes a similar but more specialized strategy when compared to general search engine optimization. The PatientX approach to improving your local search results is designed to help clients gain visibility within local packs, which can improve click thru and engagement rates — leading to more patients and a more successful healthcare company.

What Makes Local Search Results Special?

Almost 97% of patients will search online for local businesses. But they don’t all search the same way. In some cases, a patient may search for the keywords, “orthopedic surgeon near me.” In other cases, the patient may simply type in “sinus surgery,” allowing Google to provide a curated mixture of local and universal results.

Because localized search results are more highly tailored to the searcher, click-thru and engagement rates tend to be higher per impression. Patients who see your company in local results are more likely to call or make an appointment.

That’s especially true if your company’s local profiles show a healthcare organization that is well rated and reviewed. That makes local search results something of a win-win: they represent highly relevant leads and introducing those patients to your lead nurturing cycle can improve conversions in a very efficient way.

Improving Your Local Search Rankings

In many respects, improving your local search rankings is fundamentally similar to raising your overall organic search visibility. However, there are some differences because local search result algorithms use different quality signals.

A local search campaign at PatientX usually focuses on improving the following signals:

  • Your business category, title, and keywords as they appear throughout your website and various online profiles.
  • Building relevant links to your website, with an emphasis on links from high authority domains.
  • Reputation management, which will increase positive reviews across ratings websites such as Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, and more.

The purpose of this campaign is to demonstrate to Google and other search engines who you are, where you are located, who you serve, and what you do.

When these signals are all presented strongly enough, you will rise in the local search results, meaning you will become more visible and begin consistently showing up in local pack results.


Do you know what your patients are saying on online?


of patients, value online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.


Reputation Management Can Grow Your Business

The vast majority of your new patients are going to look you up on the internet before they ever make an appointment. That means your online reviews play a particular important role in growing your patient base.

If your reviews are good to great, more patients will decide to make an appointment with your clinic.

Ultimately, that means improving your reviews can help grow your business. That’s especially true when you use reputation management in conjunction with other marketing campaigns, such as organic search or content development strategies.

The Right Approach for Long Term Success

It’s important to note that Google and other search engines are constantly updating their local and organic search algorithms. This means that many “fast and easy” ways to bypass or cheat the system often lead to penalties.

That’s why PatientX focuses on improving fundamental signals. With the right approach, you can improve your local visibility efficiently — with an assurance of long term success.

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