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of patient’s first step in finding a new physician is looking at online reviews.

Do Patients Consider You a Three Star Clinic or a Five Star Clinic?

There was a time when an online review was a novelty that was seen by only a few savvy internet users. But today, your online reputation is a significant part of your brand visibility and a critical component of your overall marketing strategy. If you aren’t actively managing your reviews, a few unsatisfied customers could limit your growth.

That’s why taking an active role in review generation. Effective reputation management can lead to a more accurate set of reviews, accelerate patient growth, and protect your brand image.

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of consumers will avoid businesses that have lower than a four star rating.

It takes a lot of ad power to overcome tepid customer reviews. That’s why online reputation management is an incredibly efficient healthcare marketing tool.

What is Reputation Management?

From Google Local Businesses to Healthgrades, it’s not unusual for modern healthcare professionals to have profiles on a wide range of websites. That can make managing your reputation a big job.

Reputation management can save you time and boost your patient growth by:

  • Directing patients to your preferred review platforms.
  • Directing negative reviews towards customer service resources.
  • Collecting more reviews. Left to their own devices, most patients—even the happy ones—simply won’t leave any reviews. Reputation management gets those patients back into your review ecosystem.
  • Helping you manage negative reviews by quickly responding to patient feedback.
  • Letting you see all your reviews across profiles in a single dashboard, so you can make strategic patient experience decisions.

Once the reputation management system is in place, most of the process is automated, so you’ll never have to think about it. Instead, your practice or clinic will continue to generate reviews that more accurately represent your happy and enthusiastic patients.

Reputation management is a critical tool for the modern healthcare marketing ecosystem that elevates trust in your brand and improves your patient growth.

Get Reviews That Give You A Boost

The vast majority of patients will check reviews before they ever schedule an appointment, so it’s time to start paying extra attention to your local results and profiles. When you actively manage your reputation you can:

  • Boost your local results and visibility.
  • Achieve higher click-thru rates on your local listings.
  • Boost your brand reputation.
  • Build trust.
  • Grow your patient list with new patients!

PatientX can help you establish an effective reputation management system that will lead to more positive reviews and improved word of mouth. Contact PatientX to start managing your clinic’s reputation today!

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