HIPAA Compliant Solutions

HIPAA Considerations and Secure Partnerships

In today’s healthcare marketing landscape, privacy and security remain paramount, yet the implications of revised HIPAA guidelines on analytics strategies may not be fully realized by all organizations. In late 2022, the HHS, the governing body for HIPAA regulations, unveiled updated advice highlighting the importance of safeguarding personally identifiable health information from common tracking technologies, including Google Analytics and Meta Pixel. While healthcare entities are generally conversant with HIPAA’s impact on their daily operations, the nuances of these new directives in the context of marketing efforts often go unheeded by both large and small organizations. This recent clarification calls for a thorough evaluation of how integral tools like Google Analytics are incorporated into marketing strategies.

In the healthcare sector, earning patients’ trust and maintaining a secure environment for their health data is paramount. However, the significance of robust security measures in marketing practices is often underestimated by many. At PatientX, we prioritize HIPAA considerations to give you options to bolster your security in your marketing endeavors.

In-Hospital and Clinical Photography

It's common for healthcare marketers and websites to deal with sensitive patient information governed by HIPAA rules, sometimes without their knowledge. PatientX is dedicated to providing you options to refine your online strategy to better align with national compliance standards, for marketing efforts that are both effective and more secure.

Business Associate Agreements

Secure the handling of your patients' information with confidence. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is essential for any healthcare organization working with vendors that handle Protected Health Information (PHI). PatientX will sign a BAA with your healthcare facility.

Reliable Data Management and Education

From marketing data management to patient information collected via online forms, we can help you find the right HIPAA compliant technological tools for your unique marketing strategy.

Finding Tailored Healthcare Marketing Tools

Navigating the landscape of healthcare marketing tools can be daunting. Leveraging our specialized knowledge in healthcare marketing, PatientX guides you in selecting secure, compliant tools that enhance your marketing efforts without compromising data security.

Where to Start With Your Digital HIPAA Journey

Ensuring compliance isn’t straightforward, but a good starting point is to:

  1. Consult with your legal advisor or compliance department regarding the latest HHS guidelines.
  2. It’s crucial to review the tracking technologies employed in your digital marketing campaigns. Compile an inventory of these tools and engage with your vendors for a deeper understanding of their functionalities. PatientX is available to support you through this process.
  3. Every business with a website needs a privacy policy, particularly those in the healthcare sector. Transparency and openness in how your organization manages and utilizes data for marketing are crucial, now more than ever. It’s also wise to provide your website visitors with the choice to consent to tracking.
  4. Hire a knowledgeable marketing agency to support you in taking necessary steps to become more compliant and help you find appropriate services to meet your unique marketing needs.
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