Digital marketing services

The digital marketing ecosystem is expanding fast, especially for healthcare organizations. That means more opportunity and more competition.

Growth Strategies

Your digital marketing success depends on a cohesive digital strategy that works together and towards your goal. The PatientX approach synthesizes strategies for social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and other digital platforms, ensuring your marketing efforts harmonize and work together.

The PatientX team will manage the day-to-day tasks and implement long-term growth strategies–so you can focus on setting objectives and managing your facility.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing solutions from PatientX are driven by your clinic or facility’s short term and long term goals

To meet and exceed those objectives, PatientX offers a wide variety of digital marketing solutions designed to help take your marketing campaign to the next level. With an emphasis on improving the patient experience, the team at PatientX can help you in the following areas.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We work with clients to improve their rankings in organic search results, ensuring more patients see you and click through to your website.

Local Search

Showing up in local search matters to your potential patients. But what do they see?



Pay-per-click advertising is an important tactic to reach your potential patients when they need your help the most.


Paid Advertising

When deployed as part of a comprehensive strategy, paid advertising can lead to long term benefits in terms of visibility.

Social Media

More and more patients are searching for healthcare topics on social media. With the right strategy, your brand can become the trusted source for answers.

A Cohesive Digital Approach

We’re not a big fan of the word “synergy” around here–as a term, it’s overused to the point where it doesn’t really mean anything any more. But synergy as a concept is especially important when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, because in this case, it means that all components are working together. And that, together, your digital marketing campaign is more than the sum of its parts.

At PatientX, we craft strategies in which your PPC campaign fuels your SEO growth, and vice versa. We design social media campaigns that raise awareness and improve your search engine marketing.

This cohesive approach leverages all aspects of your digital marketing campaign, ensuring every technique works to help you achieve your patient growth and patient experience goals.

What Does a Digital Marketing Approach Do for You?

Digital marketing is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. But the real question is: what does a digital marketing approach do for you? In today’s highly competitive healthcare marketplace, the digital space is where you’re most likely to meet your new patients.

Whether they’re looking up treatments, checking out reviews, or perusing your website to gather information about a condition, chances are that your new patients will first encounter your healthcare organization through your web presence. (Even if a patient is given a referral, they’re likely to Google you first.)

Which means that your web presence must be cohesive in terms of:

  • Your Branding: Your brand values must be expressed clearly, whether on your website or your social media platforms.
  • The Patient Experience: From click to visit, your patient will likely encounter several different phases of your digital marketing strategy. That’s why it’s essential that every element of your digital footprint create a fantastic and valuable experience.
  • Your Reputation: New patients are very likely to look at your reviews before they ever call your office. So it’s essential that your reputation works in harmony with your digital marketing strategy. Employing reputation management services can help accomplish this.

The PatientX approach to digital marketing is rooted in providing a valuable experience for patients–from the creation of content to the design of your website. In doing so, we can help you meet new patients where they are and so your organization can forge the kind of lasting relationships that promote long-term growth.

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