Multi channel Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With the right approach, Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) campaigns can effectively and quickly drive new patients to your website.

Maximize Traffic and Conversions

This type of internet marketing is uniquely direct because you typically pay for your ads by the click (hence the name). This means that a successful PPC campaign could also be expensive. That’s why the PatientX approach is calibrated to maximize both traffic and conversions.

With over 15 years of experience helping medical companies and healthcare organizations successfully create and manage PPC campaigns, PatientX is the perfect choice to help your clinic or facility maximize your growth and exceed your goals.

What is PPC for Healthcare Companies?

The term “Pay-Per-Click” typically refers to the way that you purchase a particular advertisement. Rather than paying by the word or to gain access to a particular audience, you pay based on how often clicks your ad. The classic example is Google Adwords: your ad is seen in a search engine, and you pay a specific rate based on the number of click-thrus to your website.


of users will leave your healthcare website if it doesn’t present enough information related to their search terms

Gain Traction in Your Market

For healthcare companies, PPC campaigns are an effective strategy to make connections with new patients or help a new treatment option gain traction in your market. In these cases, PPC can either give your healthcare organization a quick boost when you need it or provide a sustained edge against the competition.

Unique Challenges for Medical PPC

Healthcare is critically important, and misinformation can have significant consequences. That’s why many platforms, from Google to Instagram, have stricter guidelines and requirements for PPC campaigns that are related to healthcare or medical topics.

Because PatientX specializes in healthcare marketing, we’ll be able to help your organization easily navigate these added challenges. For example, the PatientX approach will emphasize:

  • Appropriate links and landing pages for PPC ads.
  • High quality, vetted content on all PPC landing pages.
  • Ensuring your website has any necessary disclaimers.
  • Creating ads that meet terms-of-service for search engines, social media websites, and other platforms.
  • An agile approach that can update strategies ans techniques in the event that PPC requirements or search patterns shift.

We make sure your PPC campaign meets a platform’s healthcare advertising requirements–so you don’t have to worry about it.


Does Your Healthcare PPC Campaign Have Challenges?


healthcare advertisements generally have a lower click-thru-rate than other ads.

The PatientX PPC Process

At PatientX, we run every PPC campaign with full conversion tracking in place, making it easy to monitor the effectiveness of each and every ad. That way, you’ll be able to see just how well PPC ads are meeting or exceeding your goals.

The PatientX team will use the latest methodologies and analytics to update ads and keep your current PPC campaign relevant and effective. Many less experienced firms may set up a PPC ad and simply let it run–but we know how important a tweak here or there is to maximize your potention.

The PatientX PPC Process Will Typically Look Like This:

  • We begin by discussing your overall marketing goals and create a PPC strategy that aligns with your long term and short term objectives.
  • Our team will compile a list of suitable keywords to target (and to avoid).
  • We’ll manage bids and conversions to ensure your campaign is getting the best deal for each and every ad.
  • Creating ads that meet terms-of-service for search engines, social media websites, and other platforms.
  • Landing pages are optimized for target audiences, improving the conversion rate (and ROI) of your PPC campaign.

Pay-per-click and organic search engine optimization often work side-by-side!

Capturing paid and organic traffic can help supercharge your digital marketing strategy. Learn more about how organic SEO works!

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How Can PPC Help You Meet Your Healthcare Market

What your PPC campaign looks like will be unique. It will depend on other aspects of your marketing campaign (for example, you may not want to target keywords that you rank well for organically).

In general, PPC campaigns can help you hit the ground running, growing patient numbers and helping to level the playing field in competitive markets. With PPC, a smart campaign can help a small clinic compete with a regional powerhouse or a regional system compete with national organizations.

A carefully managed PPC campaign can also lead to long term success–helping your healthcare organization grow and improve the patient experience. With over 15 years of success running healthcare oriented PPC campaigns, PatientX can help your healthcare company achieve new growth.

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