B2B Solutions

Traditionally, B2B marketing has consisted of mostly direct and outbound strategies. While these strategies serve their purpose, customer behaviors have changed calling for a broadened approach to your marketing strategy. This means utilizing a wide range of strategies.

PatientX has a strong track record of providing B2B marketing support to other marketing agencies and directly to our clients in the healthcare field.

Our Areas of B2B Marketing Expertise Includes

Market Research
Competitor Research & Reporting
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Business-to-Business Services

Business-to-business healthcare marketing often takes a different approach than standard business-to-consumer strategies. At PatientX, we work with you to understand the unique appeal of your healthcare serving business and determine the best way to appeal to your unique audience base.

At PatientX, we help you develop a marketing strategy that’s uniquely suited to a healthcare B2B environment, increasing your visibility to the customers who matter most to you. Our team can help you with:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Lead nurturing and lead development
  • Outbound and inbound marketing
  • And more!

We have years of experience helping small and medium sized businesses–as well as enterprise-level companies–grow and expand in a competitive B2B environment.

How Easy Is It For Your Customers To Buy From You?


of B2B customers consider their purchases as extremely difficult or complex.

Certified Hubspot Solutions Partner

As a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, PatientX will leverage every tool HubSpot has to offer to ensure your inbound marketing program is helping you grow and improving your ROI.

For example, we build out your HubSpot CRM, set up marketing automation, develop lead nurturing strategies, test and optimize strategies, and provide analytics and reporting. Through inbound marketing strategies, we help you build relationships with your ideal customer.

PatientX partners with our clients to align their team, platforms, and processes to better attract, engage, and delight their customers.

Content Strategies

Content is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise--not only to peers, but to your customers as well. Content is at the core of all of your digital and print efforts and must align with your brand efforts. That’s why the PatientX approach places a significant emphasis on crafting high-quality content designed to build trust, drive engagement, and create growth.

At PatientX, we create content that connects with your customers and increases visibility and authority online. Some of the most popular content forms include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Guides and Ebooks
  • Tip Sheets and Checklists
  • Landing Pages
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media

Do you know what your patients are saying on social media?

Referral Marketing

Referrals don’t just happen on their own. Referral marketing can boost the number of recommendations that point towards your business.

Website Design & Development

Your content will be specifically tailored for your website, both in terms of form and function.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

Every piece of content developed for you is designed to help boost your organic search results.

Online Reviews & Local Search

More and more people look for services using reviews and local search. A good content strategy will improve your local results.

Social Media Marketing

Patients now turn to social media to find healthcare information. We develop content for you that’s designed specifically for these platforms.

Account-Based Marketing

Your content strategy will be tailored around your audience, identifying those leads most likely to commit and move forward.

Advertising Strategies

Sometimes you just need to get the word out! A good content strategy integrates advertising as one of its primary goals.

Step Up Your Strategies with PatientX

Don’t remain stagnant in an ever-changing marketplace — PatientX can help you stand out from your competitors.

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