Inbound marketing

Build Deeper / Real Relationships with Your Ideal Patient

Inbound marketing is designed specifically to help you gain new patients. A modern, data-driven approach to marketing means that you don’t have to waste time and resources marketing to everyone with a one-size fits all approach.

Instead, you can reach out to your ideal patient group using a strategy customized for your organization.

With inbound marketing, you can convert traffic into leads by using quality content to build credibility and trust. In today’s healthcare ecosystem, inbound marketing is absolutely essential for long-term success.

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Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is what you might think of as “traditinal” marketing: billboards, commercials, ads, that kind of thing. This traditional approach would seek to interrupt consumers — to get them to change their course of thought. This approach can be alienating (no one likes commercials, right?).

That’s why inbound marketing represents a revolutionary leap forward. An inbound marketing approach will seek to build a relationship with a patient. For healthcare organizations, this often means creating content that patients are already looking for and answering the questions they have right now. You can become a trusted resource for patients, improve the patient experience from the first touch, and, as a result, grow your patient list.

Patients are demanding a new approach. They expect your marketing efforts to be useful. That’s where inbound marketing comes in.

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3 Keys For Healthcare Generation

The healthcare industry is quickly changing from traditional to digital so online lead generation is more important that ever before! For maximum success facilities must follow a strategic plan, track that plan, measure the results of that plan, then make necessary steps to revise the plan.


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The PatientX Approach

PatientX partners with our healthcare clients to align their team, platforms, and process to better attract, engage, and delight their patients. We can help you reorient your clinic or facility to optimize the patient experience — both inside your doors and on your website.

Today’s patients want to be able to look for doctors, check reviews, and book an appointment all from the comfort of wherever they happen to be. Inbound marketing answers questions and solves pain points in a way that invites new patients into your lead nurturing ecosystem.

The PatientX Approach Emphasizes:

  • Improve SEO performance: Show up in searches as a valuable and trusted resource, leading to improved traffic
  • Create valuable content for patients: A content strategy that addresses and solves patient pain points is absolutely essential for success with inbound marketing. The right approach can build credibility and brand recognition with new patients
  • Enhance the user experience: We’ll work with you to ensure your website and contact forms are easy to use, so you can nurture leads and convert web traffic into new patients
  • Long-Term Growth: By building trust, credibility, and community, you can ensure long term success with patient growth that lasts


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Is Your Healthcare Business Growing?


Inbound marketing generates three times more leads per dollar than traditional methods

Three Steps to Inbound Marketing

The PatientX approach to inbound marketing can be visualized using the inbound marketing flywheel. There are three phases to inbound marketing, each of which reinforce and lead into each other:


Attraction phase

Inbound marketing attracts new leads where they already are. For example, if you’re an orthopedic surgeon, you might provide content designed to answer common knee replacement questions.


Engagement phase

High quality content will ensure your presence gets more than fleeting attention. During the engagement phase, users will find their needs met, and that leads to a stronger relationship between patients and brands.


Delight phase

We help you provide your patients with the best possible experience at every level of interaction. A delighted patient will leave good reviews, encourage referrals, and boost the next iteration of the inbound marketing cycle.

Are you utilizing a data-driven marketing program?


Inbound practices produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. As a team of HubSpot experts with years of experience, PatientX has become a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner. Our HubSpot partnership allows us the ability to help healthcare organizations:

  • Create and automate a wide variety of emails.
  • Set up and automate blog publishing.
  • Establish lead development and scoring.
  • Customize your HubSpot dashboard for your organization’s goals.
  • Monitor social media and automate posting.
  • Manage your CRM.


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Start Your Inbound Campaign Today

It’s time to stop trying to be seen by a distracted audience of millions and start working on appearing before the perfect audience for your campaign. Grow your patients by building relationship with your ideal patient.

Want to know how your current marketing effort might compare to inbound marketing? Here are some important elements of inbound marketing:

  • Create and automate a wide variety of emails.
  • Set up and automate blog publishing.
  • Establish lead development and scoring.
  • Customize your HubSpot dashboard for your organization’s goals.
  • Monitor social media and automate posting.
  • Manage your CRM.


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