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From an interactive website to a fully developed brand, creative assets can help customers and patients understand your mission, your values, and everything you have to offer.

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60% of customers will make repeated purchases from a brand that they are loyal to.

Complete Branding Experience

There’s the old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then good branding is priceless. That’s because a brand is far more than a simple logo. The colors, fonts, styles, and images that comprise your brand identity can communicate powerful messages to patients. Building a brand strategy that connects and resonates is an essential step to growing your healthcare business.

PatientX will craft a brand strategy that’s authentic to your clinic, facility, or medical organization, ensuring your mission and your message connect with patients in a way that’s positive and long-lasting.

What is Brand Strategy?

A brand is a set of ideas: it’s the images, impulses, and emotions that you want your patients to experience. For example, many healthcare organizations want their patients to feel a sense of nurturing while conveying a sense of confident expertise. A brand strategy nourishes and cultivates these images and emotions in order to deliver an authentic message about who you are, what you do, and even what you stand for.

Your brand may include elements such as your:

  • Logos and font treatments
  • Colors
  • Brand guidelines
  • Messaging
  • Print Marketing collateral
  • Social media guidelines and messaging

Developing a Strategy for Your Brand

The development of brand strategies, is a blend of art and science. Your goals will define the optimal set of ideas, concepts, images, or symbols as they relate to your brand’s service or product. A good brand strategy will also ensure that these symbols attach to your brand in a powerful, compelling, and enduring way.

Brand Strategy is About the Human Experience

  • Brands are shaped by their audiences’ perceptions and
  • Successful branding defines and unifies the way a company
    stands out visually and verbally in the marketplace.
  • Brand strategy is ultimately about conveying human emotions.

Does your brand connect with your patients?


of patients stay loyal to brands that “get them”

What Makes a Brand Strategy?

PatientX crafts brand strategies that focus on improving specific brand elements and synthesizing them with cohesive, effective messaging. Each facet is essential to a healthy and enduring brand that resonates and connects with your audience.


Consistent branding helps you better communicate your core message to patients.


When your brand aligns with your marketing strategies, you can attract more patients and improve the patient experience.


We work with you to create a brand that resonates with your core audience.


Once you have a brand you love, it’s time to let the world know about it–and raise your brand awareness.

key stakeholders

We work with all of your key stakeholders to ensure your brand communicates your values.

target market

We work with you to identify your core target audience, so we can make sure your brand resonates with your patients.

brand strength

Your brand is designed to last. We make sure your brand is something patients recognize year after year.

patient experience

As with every other aspect of your marketing campaign, your brand will highlight and enhance the overall patient experience.

Brand strategies for healthcare organizations will usually begin with these three questions:

  1. Does your brand align with your vision and mission—and more importantly, your values?
  2. Does your target audience — your patients and their families, for example — align with your brand?
  3. Do your key stakeholders — your physicians, your nurses, your hospitality staff — align with your brand?

The PatientX Approach to Brand Strategy

The PatientX Approach to brand strategy is adaptive and flexible. We examine your organizational or company — wide goals (both short term and long term) and tailor a patient experience — driven approach that aligns your branding with your values.

By aligning your brand with the 6 Pillars of Patient Experience, PatientX can develop a brand strategy that builds sustainable growth and transforms happy patients into your greatest brand ambassadors.


of people have used the internet for health-related searches in the last year.

Website Design

The PatientX approach approach to design and experience creates harmony between aesthetics and functionality. And when that happens, your brand values will resonate with every marketing interaction.

That makes the design of marketing material critical to your healthcare organization’s success and growth. The team at PatientX can take a well crafted brand strategy and design elegant, modern assets that will build trust and drive conversions.

Whether you need printed flyers for your office, signage for your building, or a website that grows your patient base, great design leads to an exceptional patient experience. And when patients are front and center, all of your design and experience elements grow your healthcare business.

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Implementing the Brand Through Design

brand identity

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Branding Guideline
  • Corporate Identity System

patient education & Practice operations

  • Patient Care Materials
  • Patient Forms
  • Patient Marketing Materials
  • Environmental Design

b2B & B2C Marketing materials

  • Direct Marketing Materials
  • Referral Materials
  • Presentation Materials
  • Trade Show Materials

Does Your Website Capture a Users Attention?

<15 sec

is the average users time spent on an individual website. That gives you a very narrow window to capture a patient’s attention and bring them into your lead cycle.

Experience Depends on Design

The average user spends less than 15 seconds on an individual website. That gives you a very narrow window to capture a patient’s attention and bring them into your lead cycle.

That’s why the patient experience — even on your website — is so important. When a website is difficult to use or instructions are unclear, patients can bounce away from your website even faster.

Create a Website That’s Easy-to-Use

That means your website needs to be modern, beautiful, and easy to use (and accessible for all). That’s especially true as more healthcare organizations introduce patient portals, where appointments can be scheduled or messages to physicians can be sent. That’s why, at PatientX, design and experience are not separate — instead, they are resolutely linked.

A good user experience on your website sets the standard for an overall patient experience — setting a positive tone for what your patients will expect.

Design is Essential To Growth

The design of your marketing assets will signal many things about your healthcare organization to your possible patients. Modern design elements can indicate that you have the latest technological tools at your disposal. A logo with rounded corners, for example, might communicate a compassionate and caring mindset.

The team at PatientX will work with you to identify your brand values and then ensure those values are communicated to patients in a way that improves the patient experience.

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Design and Branding

It’s also important to note that the design and implementation of your branding is about far more than a logo. Branding is an efficient and effective way to communicate your mission, values, and vision for your healthcare company.

That’s why even the facility branding you choose to construct can have a significant impact on your standing in the community. This branding will be seen often by those around your location — so it makes sense to ensure you’re communicating your most upstanding values at all times. It’s also the first thing people see when they approach your healthcare company.

Signage that’s reassuring, nurturing, and compassionate can help improve the overall patient experience.

Discover how your facility branding can impact public perception of your healthcare company.

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