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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare marketing, the need for seasoned leadership and strategic direction has never been more critical. PatientX introduces a transformative approach to marketing leadership with our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services, designed for healthcare facilities that aim for growth without the overhead of a full-time executive.

What Is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is a part-time executive who brings the expertise, experience, and leadership of a Chief Marketing Officer to your organization without the commitment of a full-time position. This model is perfect for healthcare facilities that require strategic marketing guidance and leadership but may not have the need or resources for a full-time CMO.

Why Choose a Fractional CMO from PatientX?

  • Tailored Expertise: Our Fractional CMOs are not just seasoned marketers; they are specialists in the healthcare industry, ensuring that your marketing strategy resonates with your unique audience and complies with industry regulations.

  • Cost-Effective Strategy: Gain access to executive-level insights and strategies without the financial commitment of a full-time CMO. Our model is designed to provide maximum value with manageable costs.

  • Leadership and Vision: Our Fractional CMOs are self-managing leaders who will take charge of your marketing department, from guiding your team to managing vendors, ensuring your marketing efforts are cohesive and aligned with your business goals.

  • Strategic Growth: With a focus on solving complex marketing challenges, our Fractional CMOs will help you build a robust marketing strategy that drives growth and strengthens your market position.

Fractional CMO Responsibilities at PatientX

  • Developing and overseeing both the immediate and long-term marketing strategies that align with your facility's goals.

  • Making critical decisions on the most effective marketing channels and strategies for your facility, from digital marketing to traditional outreach.

  • Quickly addressing and resolving marketing challenges, ensuring your facility maintains its competitive edge.

  • Leading and inspiring your marketing team, fostering a culture of success and innovation.

  • Expanding your marketing capabilities by hiring the right talent and leveraging the expertise of specialized agencies.

Experience the PatientX Difference

At PatientX, our Fractional CMOs are more than consultants; they are integral members of your team who understand the intricacies of healthcare marketing. They work closely with your leadership and marketing teams to deliver strategies that not only align with your vision but also propel your facility toward its growth objectives.


Embark on a Journey of Growth

Your local search campaign begins with a free audit from PatientX. This audit will examine in detail your current local search listings, including various profiles across a broad scope of platforms.

Once the audit is complete, PatientX will work with your team to craft a local search strategy designed to improve visibility, lead generation, and conversions. This can lead to sustained patient growth for your healthcare organization.

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Services Overview and Pricing

CMO Strategy Accelerator

  • Half-day deep-dive to analyze your current marketing approach.
  • Personalized action plan and roadmap for improved results.
  • Pre-session preparation and follow-up with action items for implementation.

CMO Growth Advisor

  • Ongoing guidance to maintain momentum (ideal after a Sprint or Accelerator).
  • Expert advice to keep your marketing team focused and accountable.
  • Provides access to proven marketing strategies, best practices, and templates.

CMO Sprint with Marketing Playbook

  • Intensive 90-day engagement to establish marketing direction and systems.
  • Your Fractional CMO works as a part-time CMO within your company.
  • Translates CEO/Board vision into a strategic marketing plan.
  • Builds and trains your marketing team for efficiency
  • Develops a customized Marketing Playbook for ongoing success.
  • Includes regular progress reports and strategy refinement.


CMO Strategy Accelerator

Starting at $5,000/month

CMO Growth Advisor

Starting at $6,000/month

(6-month minimum commitment)

CMO Sprint with Marketing Playbook

Starting at $8,000/month

(3-month commitment)