Struggling to Retain Talented Healthcare Workers?

It’s one thing to hire new talent. It’s another thing to get them to stay. In the wake of Covid-19 (and the way people have reacted to healthcare professionals since), retaining top talent has been a significant challenge across the healthcare field.

At the same time, retaining talented healthcare professionals within a facility is critical for your success and continuity. There’s good news, though: you’re not helpless. There are some concrete steps healthcare facilities can take that will encourage employees to stay with your company.

Start with Compensation and Development

In any retention struggle, it’s absolutely essential to offer competitive compensation and benefits. This will help prevent an employee leaving simply because they found a better offer. (Employees feeling appreciated is an added bonus.)

Offer competitive salary packages that align with industry standards. Additionally, provide comprehensive benefits such as healthcare coverage, retirement plans, paid time off, and flexible scheduling options. Regularly review and adjust compensation packages to remain attractive to employees.

Encourage Professional Growth

At the same time, you should establish clear career pathways toward and provide opportunities for professional growth within the organization. Offer training programs, mentorship opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and support for pursuing advanced degrees or certifications. Encourage employees to take on new responsibilities and provide avenues for career progression. When possible, promote from within–and create clear pathways towards those promotions.

Provide access to ongoing education and training programs to enhance skills and knowledge. Stay up to date with the latest advancements in the healthcare field and offer opportunities for employees to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops. This demonstrates the organization’s commitment to professional development.

Create a Supportive Work Environment and Listen to Feedback

You spend a lot of time at work. So it’s not surprising that most people want that time to be as pleasant as possible. If you want talented workers to stick around, you need to foster a positive and inclusive work culture that promotes collaboration, teamwork, and open communication. You could:

  • Implement employee recognition programs.
  • Celebrate achievements.
  • Encourage a healthy work-life balance.
  • Support employee wellness programs and initiatives.
  • And more

Maintaining that supportive work environment will rely on listening to feedback. Create channels for employees to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Regularly seek input through surveys, suggestion boxes, or focus groups, and actively address concerns. Involve employees in decision-making processes, recognize their contributions, and provide avenues for their voices to be heard.

To ensure employees feel valued, your organization should also take steps to recognize the importance of work-life balance and provide flexible work arrangements when possible. Offer options such as part-time schedules, job sharing, remote work, or alternative shift patterns to accommodate individual needs. This can help retain employees who value flexibility in their work arrangements.

Have the Right Team in Place to Support Employees

Healthcare is a rewarding field–but it’s also incredibly demanding and challenging. This means that employees often need support. Implement employee assistance programs (EAPs) that provide resources and support for personal and professional challenges. Offer counseling services, wellness programs, and access to mental health resources to ensure the well-being of employees.

Much of their day-to-day support will come directly from the management and leadership teams. Invest in leadership development programs to cultivate effective managers and supervisors. Ensure that leaders are approachable, supportive, and provide guidance to their teams. Effective communication, regular performance evaluations, and constructive feedback from managers can contribute to employee satisfaction and retention.

Make Your Staff a Priority

Retaining top talent means making sure your staff feel like they’re a priority for you, your leadership team, and your organization. Here are some easy ways you can do that:

  • Recognition and rewards: Implement employee recognition programs to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of staff members. Offer incentives such as bonuses, performance-based rewards, or special recognition ceremonies. Celebrate milestones, achievements, and outstanding work to foster a positive and motivating work environment.
  • Transparent and fair policies: Maintain transparent and fair policies and procedures throughout the organization. Clearly communicate expectations, performance evaluations, and advancement opportunities. Consistently apply policies and ensure that employees perceive fairness and equity in decision-making processes.
  • Strong employee support networks: Encourage the formation of employee support networks, such as mentorship programs or affinity groups. These networks can provide guidance, support, and a sense of community within the organization.
  • Exit interviews and feedback: Conduct exit interviews with departing employees to gather feedback and insights. Use this information to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance employee retention in the future.

Retaining Talented Workers Can Make Your Healthcare Organization Stronger

Priorities are set by the leadership team. Which means that retaining talented healthcare workers must be a priority if you want to succeed.

By implementing these strategies, healthcare facilities can create an environment that promotes employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty, thereby increasing the likelihood of retaining talented healthcare professionals.

POSTED ON: July 14, 2023
By Kimberly Winkleman | Healthcare, Marketing, Patient Experience, Research
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