Who we are

We are a strong team of dedicated professionals, we work hard and also know when to have some fun. What drives us through our days and keeps us grounded is our code of honor. The PatientX leadership team encompasses a group of individuals with a broad range of experience who have come together with one purpose: providing better marketing strategies to create better outcomes.

Our Mission

Lead through outcomes, research, and education

Our Vision

Create transformational experiences

Our Values

HIT: heart, innovation, transparency

Our code of honor

We are a strong team of dedicated professionals, we work hard and also know when to have some fun. What drives us through our days and keeps us grounded is our code of honor.

  • We do whatever it takes
  • We are authentic and honest in our communication
  • We stay focused
  • We value other people's time
  • We do what we say and say what we do
  • We put clients first
  • We act like our client's money is our money
  • We are willing to call and be called on the code

We Believe...

  • We believe in the PatientX Score!
  • We believe if we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it!
  • We believe the patient experience is your number one marketing strategy!
  • We believe you can’t have a great patient experience without a great team experience!
  • We believe your marketing should create results!
  • We believe in listening!
  • We believe creativity is the secret sauce in brand development!
  • We believe in great ROI! Relationships, outcomes, and impact.
  • We believe your reputation is our business!
  • We believe in handwritten notes!

A Little History About PatientX

PatientX was first known as 724 Factory, a full-service marketing agency for the food, agriculture, and healthcare industries. After watching one of our own family members struggle to find the services they needed during a health crisis, we knew that healthcare marketing as a field was falling behind. As a result, our focus moved almost entirely to the healthcare field with the desire to improve the patient experience as they interact with a facility’s brand, whether digitally, in person, or in other ways.

As we talked with our healthcare partners, some common themes became apparent: patients were not aware of what their healthcare options were, but they were also relying more than ever on online search engines to find medical information and services.

We made it our mission to deliver that information to patients and to help transform the way healthcare facilities market and communicate with their audiences. We wanted to:

  • Help healthcare organizations acquire more patients.
  • Use data and technology to understand patient needs.
  • Deliver a personalized, seamless experience for patients.

Once our direction was decided, we rebranded, and PatientX was born! Our vision is to Create Transformational Experiences, and that applies to the patient experience and the experience of our partners in marketing.

Our Leadership

The PatientX leadership team encompasses a group of individuals with a broad range of experience who have come together with one purpose: providing better marketing strategies to create better outcomes.

Michael Winkleman

Michael Winkleman

CEO & Founder

Michael is the CEO and Founder of PatientX. PatientX strategically develops digital innovations and strategic ideas to encourage patients to view their healthcare providers with a fresh, forward-thinking perspective, and, thus, to nurture better relationships between patient and provider.

In his role as CEO, Michael takes great pleasure in helping healthcare providers and healthcare business-to-business clients with the unique challenges they face. With nearly 20 years in his field, Michael is no stranger to the challenges one faces in marketing and branding, and he is able to draw from his deep well of experience to deliver optimal strategies and solutions for clients.

"Embracing the power of data and AI in healthcare marketing isn't just an opportunity; it's the cornerstone of a transformative era. By harnessing these technologies, facilities can not only advance their marketing strategies but also redefine the very essence of care. The growth potential is boundless, as we pave the way for smarter decisions, personalized patient experiences, and a future where health and innovation converge, shaping a world where every interaction is not just a touchpoint but a breakthrough."

Kimberly Winkleman

Kimberly Winkleman


Kimberly Winkleman is the COO of PatientX, a pioneering force in healthcare marketing and branding renowned for its innovative digital solutions and strategic initiatives aimed at enriching the patient-provider relationship. With over two decades of expertise in marketing, Kimberly has a noteworthy background in leading non-profits and steering high-stakes political campaigns, demonstrating her prowess in navigating complex landscapes with grace and efficiency.

Leading with a strong emphasis on cultivating a positive culture within the team, Kimberly's leadership ensures that every client engagement with PatientX is not just a transaction but a transformative experience. Her vision for PatientX is not just to meet client expectations but to redefine them, making every project a testament to what's possible when passion meets purpose.

"At PatientX, we're not just about ticking boxes or meeting the basic benchmarks; we're about reimagining what's possible in healthcare marketing. It's about taking what's good and propelling it to greatness, whether that's elevating Ambulatory Surgery Centers to their peak performance, empowering healthcare leaders with transformative strategies, or amplifying the impact of marketing managers in delivering results. Our approach goes beyond conventional service delivery; it's about crafting experiences that resonate, inspire, and ultimately redefine the standards of excellence. Every interaction with our team is a step towards a future where marketing transcends traditional boundaries, and every campaign we lead is a testament to the power of passion fused with purpose."


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