Content Development

Content is especially important in healthcare marketing. Your patients have questions. Content is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise — not only to peers, but to patients. That’s why the PatientX approach places a significant emphasis on crafting high-quality content designed to build trust, drive engagement, and create growth.

By placing your content development strategy within the context of an exceptional patient experience, your brand can become a recognized authority, leading to more searchers, better engagement, and happier patients.

Content Strategy for Your Healthcare Organizations

Developing a content strategy begins with exploring how best to reach your overall marketing goals. Each piece of unique content that’s created will move your organization closer to meeting those goals and benchmarks.

At PatientX, we create content that emphasizes a high quality patient experience–customized for your healthcare brand. Some of the most popular content forms include:

Blog Posts

One of the most reliably engaged forms of content, blogs can provide authoritative answers to common questions in a way that’s easy for patients to access and use.

Case Studies

Examples are a great way to teach! That’s why patients love seeing case studies, as these highly structured and detailed examples provide an easy way to digest complex information.

Guides and EBooks

When a topic calls for in-depth content, a guide or e-book can be a great way to deliver robust information and generate leads all at once.

Tip Sheets and Checklists

For some patients, practical information will be top of mind. Creating tips sheets and checklists (for example, pre-op checklists or postoperative checklists) can help build your credibility.

Landing Pages

A good landing page can help introduce patients into your lead generation cycle while providing them with useful and practical information.


These easy to read and easy to share visuals can help your brand gain traction in a wide variety of areas, imaproving both your visibility and credibility.


If you want to engage an audience, there’s almost no better way to do it than video. A well produced video can help make your content--and your brand--memorable.

Email Marketing

Everyone checks their email. That makes email marketing an essential way to keep in touch with all of your patients--or with select groups via targeted email campaigns.

Social Media

Building authentic relationships with your patients often relies significantly on social media, from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook and everything in between.

Discover How Easy Creating High-Quality Content Can Be!

Likewise, it’s essential that these relationships be authentic. In terms of content, this means leaning in to your areas of expertise, as well as the personality of your brand. (In other words, don’t try to be something you’re not.)

The PatientX approach to content creation builds trust and authenticity, which will increase your brand visibility and authority.

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Is Your Company Ready to Take Advantage of Healthcare Searches?


of Google Searches are related to medical queries.

Using Content to Build Trust and Authentic Relationships

The PatientX approach to content development begins with the creation of useful, high-quality content. Content for the sake of content won’t really help you–instead, it’s essential that your marketing creations be useful and engaging to patients, improving the overall patient experience.

We emphasize this approach for several reasons:

  • First and foremost, content builds trust. By creating a high-quality article on asthma, for example you can become a reliable resource for asthmatics and their families.
  • You can increase your credibility further by creating free-to-use resources and guides.
  • All of this builds your authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of patients, making them more likely to book an appointment with you.

Saving Time on Content

Creating all this content, of course, takes time–time you don’t necessarily have. Our team of experts will create unique, branded content just for you. Which means that you can quickly make your expertise known far and wide.

Discover how easy creating high quality content can be!