Social Media Management

With billions of users and subscribers worldwide, social media provides critical access to your primary audience. Yet, the vastness of these platforms can make them feel overwhelming, and that might help explain why almost a third of businesses have almost no social media presence.


that’s how many people have used social media to find answers to medical or healthcare-related questions.

Grow Your Business

Social media management can help you use your various social media accounts to build relationships and grow your healthcare company. The PatientX approach will amplify your authentic brand voice while simultaneously automating much of the tedious and busy work involved in building a social media following. As a result, your social media works to grow your business—instead of the other way around.

What is Social Media Management?

Keeping your social media accounts up to date might seem easy at first — little more than a series of simple posts and tasks. But the bigger your social media presence, the faster these tasks suddenly take up more and more of your time.

Social media management is the process of automating or pre-scheduling the majority of those tasks.

Do you know what your patients are saying on social media?

To help your healthcare business or medical organization grow, PatientX will employ the following social media management steps

Optimizing Social Media Accounts

Social Media Strategy

Content Development For Social Media

Imagery Development


Optimization And Boosts

The Day to Day Tasks of Social Media Management

Social media management also includes performing everyday tasks involved with keeping your social media accounts up to date. When managing your social media, PatientX will schedule, publish posts, and analyze engagement for new opportunities.

It’s also important to emphasize that the various social media platforms all have their own terms of service–especially when it comes to healthcare or medical-related content. The team at PatientX can help you navigate these terms of service to ensure your accounts remain in good standing.

Discover How Easy Creating High Quality Content Can Be!

Likewise, it’s essential that these relationships be authentic. In terms of content, this means leaning in to your areas of expertise, as well as the personality of your brand. (In other words, don’t try to be something you’re not.)

The PatientX approach to content creation builds trust and authenticity, which will increase your brand visibility and authority.

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of patients in one survey said that what they find on social media impacts how they evaluate a physician or healthcare organization.


of patients in one survey said that what they find on social media impacts how they evaluate a physician or healthcare organization.

Why Should You Focus on Social Media?

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, social media is where your patients already are. The inbound marketing ethos of PatientX is uniquely qualified to meet patients on social media and entice them into your lead generation cycle.

Social media is also a venue where you can forge authentic relationships with leads and patients.These relationships are vital, because over time they can turn patients into brand ambassadors.

Social media represents a significant opportunity to organically build your brand. Make sure you get the most out of your social media presence — without the work and hassle that comes with it. Make social media easy with the PatientX approach to social media management.


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