PatientX Brand Evolution Brings Focus to the Healthcare Industry

Roughly a decade ago, a company called 724 Factory was born, serving as a production company for other agencies as well as providing design and web development to a growing list of clients. As 724 Factory, we provided a range of marketing services throughout several industries and enjoyed learning about each and every one of them and developing successful brands and sites that helped our clients grow. But one industry kept sparking more interest and intrigue as we worked with more and more clients. Several years ago we set our intentions that we would focus our sales specifically on the healthcare industry. With that decision, we removed ‘Factory’ from our name and modified our brand slightly to align our company with this decision. As a dedicated medical marketing agency, we began work with healthcare B2B companies, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers. Within a short time, we became aware of a disconnect with our own brand and the challenges the brand presented in being successful with our clients.

Our branding specialist, Becky McElroy, co-owner and CMO, said, “Over the years our interest in healthcare patient experience was growing and the number of healthcare partner referrals we were receiving was increasing almost faster than we could keep up. We decided it was time to take our own branding expertise and align our company name and brand with our mission.”

Through our established processes and a lot of hashing of ideas over coffee then beer and more coffee, our team developed our new brand and company name, PatientX.

Our PatientX mission is to better understand the needs, wants, challenges and behaviors of patients and healthcare professionals then influence change through marketing. Through a marketing partnership with our healthcare clients, we gather patient and provider insights using a collaborative model of Big Data, Social Data and Thick Data driving results for our healthcare partners and influencing change in the patient experience.



The healthcare industry is quickly changing from traditional to digital so online lead generation is more important that ever before!

Michael Winkleman, founder/CEO, adds “Our name change reflects our agency’s strong commitment to improving patient and provider experience through marketing and data research. Years of research in healthcare has shown us that the patient experience has the ability to make or break many facets of a healthcare facility. Combine that with the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry and it’s no wonder that facilities find themselves overwhelmed and unable to determine what steps to take both internally to improve their processes but also how to present themselves to the public.”

Evolution is vital to growing our company and fully aligning ourselves within the healthcare industry so that we can better serve our clients. With this evolution of our name and brand, our team is extremely eager to utilize our data and knowledge in healthcare marketing and patient experience to create positive change in the industry. At PatientX we provide better marketing for better outcomes. Visit our Marketing, Websites, & Branding pages for a full understanding of our services.

POSTED ON: October 25, 2017
By Becky McElroy | Company News
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At her core, Becky, Chief Marketing Officer of PatientX, is a creative, but there’s much more to her than meets the eye. She was formally trained as an artist with an emphasis in graphic design, but her curiosity and passion for learning have had a great influence on her career. Becky claims working in design and marketing has been like an encyclopedia to the world, because she’s learned many things she wouldn’t have picked up elsewhere. She has found her greatest enjoyment in learning about people and ideas, fostering relationships with clients, and creating meaningfully designed campaigns. Thanks to her depth of experience and mastery of design and strategy, PatientX is transforming healthcare by using marketing to improve the patient experience.