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The question rarely changes. How can I get more patients through the doors of my practice?  Today consumers are using a multitude of platforms to connect with businesses and to connect with each other. In an age when the majority of the population is using social media, has a smartphone, and has an e-mail account, practitioners have a great opportunity to reach out to them digitally.

Before you can develop a strong strategy, you need to decide what your ideal patient looks like. This helps a medical marketing strategist analyze the best possible touch points to connect you with potential patients. Jeff Nasers, content strategist at PatientX shared some ideas with Midwest Medical Edition on ways physicians could connect digitally with patients.

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The healthcare industry is quickly changing from traditional to digital so online lead generation is more important that ever before!

POSTED ON: June 1, 2016
By Michael Winkleman | Marketing
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Michael is the CEO of PatientX, a fast-growing healthcare marketing and branding firm. PatientX strategically develops digital innovations and strategic ideas to encourage patients to view their healthcare providers with a fresh, forward-thinking perspective, and, thus, to nurture better relationships between patient and provider. In his role as CEO, Michael takes great pleasure in helping healthcare providers and healthcare B2B clients with the unique challenges they face. With over 15 years in his field, Michael is no stranger to the challenges one faces in marketing and branding, and he is able to draw from his deep well of experience to deliver optimal strategies and solutions.